Treble Click is a blog about useful computer tips and tricks that can boost your productivity. Treble Click aims to unveil the deep secrets of the most used software applications. Programmers, designers and just internet surfers or end users will find something useful at Treble Click. How to speed up your workflow? How to correct that annoying technical bug? You'll find your answers here.

Treble Click is also a place for designers. It's a source of inspiration where you will find useful ideas. And it's also a source of technical knowledge, that will help you to extract the maximum out of your traditional design software.

Internet is full of knowledge - but useful resources are difficult to find. Treble Click will feature only a selection of the best resources out there, analyzing why they could be worth your time.

Do you think you are a technology expert? Treble Click will explain interesting facts about computers, Internet and technology, that will keep surprising you.

Welcome to Treble Click! - going a step further in mastering Internet, computers, software and technology in general.


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