GTA San Andreas PC: Audio Bug Fixed.

There is an audio bug in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PC. Some users experience a sound bug in GTA, which consists of a strong change of audio volume. The FX sound and the music in GTA change radically: while one is played at a very high or normal sound volume, the other is heard at a very low volume, or like a sound of "reverberation" or echo, like a "subwoofer" sound.

In other situations, one or both audio channels (music and sound FX) stop playing. Even under certain circumstances the audio in GTA may be delayed and out of sync with the action.

All these GTA San Andreas bugs can be fixed easily:

Let's click on the start menu / run

Let's type: dxdiag

This will open the DirectX diagnose tools, and in the tab named sound we should lower the Hardware acceleration settings to the minimum. Then just close the DirectX window and start playing again GTA SA in your PC: the audio now goes perfectly.

When we quit playing GTA, we can repeat the process to raise again the sound hardware acceleration to the maximum level.

Fix GTA SA sound bug

Based on the original GTA SA sound bug fix post by Dremin. This information was formerly provided at our friend blog: Aqueos


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Anonymous said...

it didn't work for me, i press escape when in a car, music still plays on menu, i quit menu and music stops so i have to exit and re enter car for music. I've looked on google every where and tried all different settings but still doesn't work. I tried to patch but it says something about it cannot find an older version, although i've never patched it before.

Unknown said...

It seems that this "Music stopped on GTA menu" bug is different from the GTA San Andreas music bug for out of sync music and effects (or other music volume problems) that was solved with this trick...

Nathan Rodriguez said...

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