Windows Key Shortcut List

Windows key shortcuts

Did you know that the Windows Key on your keyboard has more functions than just showing your Windows Start menu? It can be pressed in combination with other keys, accessing this way some useful and time-saving default Windows keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows Key + E = (Explorer) open Windows file explorer (such as clicking on "My Pc" button, with the directory tree open in the left pane).
  • Windows Key + M = (Minimize) minimizes all your open windows.
  • Windows Key + SHIFT + M = (Maximize) restores the size of all your application windows.
  • Windows Key + R = (Run) open Windows "Run" program window.
  • Windows Key + D = (Desktop) show Windows Desktop.
  • Windows Key + F = (Find) open Windows search menu.
  • Windows Key + L = (Lock) blocks your PC.
  • Windows Key + U = (Utility) open Windows Utility manager (such as accessibility utilities).

Remember that all these keyboard shortcuts are enabled on any Windows PC by default. In fact, they are an easy way to save time when accessing common Windows functions.


Unknown said...

Windows key + Pause -- opens the system control panel