007 Goldeneye 64 online: Goldeneye Source

The 3rd Beta of Goldeneye Source has just been released this month. Goldeneye Source is a free MOD developed for Half-Life 2, which perfectly recreates the death match maps of Goldeneye for Nintendo 64.

Goldeneye Source includes an Online Death Match game mode. This game is added to the Steam game list, as most MOD's are.

I have recently tested the game, and it works perfectly. The game maps are exactly the same maps of the original N64 game, but with graphics and textures of the latest videogame generations. I just miss the "bills" of texture that fell when you shot the ceiling.

This is just like playing 007 Goldeneye64, but with a keyboard and a mouse (and with cool graphics too, for sure). Those who played Goldeneye during many hours on N64 will find that the most strange situation is to fight against more than 4 enemies on a single map.

Goldeneye Source Downloads

Download Goldeneye Source

Goldeneye Source Soundtrack (it's a remake of the original videogame soundtrack, but "trendier").

Goldeneye Source gameplay video