LPhant 4 is a Fake

From the original post, Lphant 4.0 is a fake, at Triple Clic.

One of the best P2P hybrid clients (ed2k + torrent) till now, lphant, is no longer available at its original webpage. Its latest real version is lphant 3.51.

A company has taken over the webpage, and the new version lphant 4 is not the well known P2P client: it is a fake.

Be careful about installing lphant 4, because we can lose all of our downloads currently in progress. And what is even more important: if we don't keep the lphant 3.51 version installer, we will also lose the option to reinstall lphant again, since lphant version 4 overwrites the former version. In which once was the official webpage of lphant they have erased the previous versions, and they are deleting links to download the older version throughout the main download webpages.

Quote from Wikipedia:

On March 2009 Discordia Ltd. got by force the lphant domain, by using legal methods. In the past, it has appllied the same tactic with success on the open source project Shareaza in 2008.

Discordia Ltd. is a group which attacks P2P clients and file distribution. In the Lphant case, it got the domain but didn't got the software, because they want to eliminate the orignal Lphant with this procedure:

Lphant advertising software suggests the user to upgrade to the new version 4. You visit the official website of lphant in the hands of Discord, download and install a program. This program deletes the previous version. This program is a fake, a costume, is not compatible with Torrent or eDonkey. At this point the user discovers he's lost lphant P2P client, and the page to download the previous version (v 3.51) no longer exists.

Lphant developers are deciding to continue its strategy, but is presumed to be limited because some had to sign a legal agreement with Discordia, which handed the page.

Source: Wikipedia-EN


Anonymous said...

I found the older version at http://www.afterdawn.com