Free ebook sites - download free PDFs the legal way

Did you know that there are plenty of quality books out there, that you can download for free in a legal way?

Here are some of the best free ebook download sites available:

  • Free computer books is probably the best site to download software or computer programming related ebooks. It's probably the first site I would check when trying to learn a new programming language, or improving my computer skills in a very specific subject.
  • PDF geni is a search engine specialized in finding free ebooks in PDF for download. It even offers search term suggestions and a glimpse at the hottest search terms.
  • Project Gutenberg it's the good old initiative of turning every classic with expired copyright into a free downloadable ebook. So if you are looking for a classic book to download, check that page. And if you want a bunch of interesting suggestions, try the top 100 most downloaded ebooks.
  • Google book search started somehow like Project Gutenberg, storing PDF versions of classic books. But now it has grown much bigger thanks to interesting agreements with book publishers. And now you can download plenty of quality ebooks, modern of classic, with no cost at all.

With Internet, knowledge has no barriers (and nope, I'm not talking about piracy). So go download some free quality ebooks and PDFs at those sites and increase your knowledge!