How to get your tracks back on Spotify

Maybe when you entered at some of your playlists at Spotify, you found out that one or more of your Spotify tracks are missing, as if those songs were erased from your playlist automatically.

Well, your tracks weren't erased. The fact is that Spotify is continuosly dealing with record companies and all sorts of music publishing companies. That's why Spotify may have lost the play rights for those songs, and then they decided to remove those songs temporarily. But these songs haven't been erased from your playlist: these songs have only been hidden.

You cannot play those songs, but you can get your tracks back on Spotify (keeping your playlists, so you may be able to listen to that songs in the future, if they restore such songs, or to keep just a backup of your musical preferences). This is how to do it:

  • In Spotify's main menu, click Edit / Preferences (Control + P).
  • Disable the checkbox (if you already had it marked) tagged as Hide unplayable tracks in Spotify's playlist section inside this Preferences menu.

And that's how to get your tracks back on Spotify when temporary song removals take place!

From an original post by Dremin.