Say "No to all" in Windows XP

When copying lots of files, maybe you have missed having a button like the "Yes to all" version, which copies and overwrites everything. Maybe you wanted to say "No to all" when you only wanted to add the new files (without overwriting old files), and without having to click a lot of times during a massive copy of files.

Even when such "No to all" button doesn't exist, there is a way to avoid such overwhelming amount of clicks:

Inside such Windows dialog, when you press the n key, it is equivalent to clicking the no button. We have just to keep pressed the n key during the copy. Having this key pressed during the copy is equivalent to clicking the "No" button in all the confirmation dialogs that appear. But you won't need to point and click on any button. That way, we won't have to maim our poor mouse by clicking it again and again.

From an original post by Dremin.