Haloscan comments closes at 10th February 2010

The blog comments service haloscan.com, closes the next 10th of February 2010.

According to Haloscan sources, a physical failure of its system forces them to close their commenting service. They provide 2 different alternatives:

  • Exporting your existing blog comments, so you can import them in a different commenting service.
  • Migrating your account to Echo, a different comments system which is not free, probably owned by Haloscan.

According to this second Haloscan migration option, they seem no to have no physical system failure that forces them to cut off the service. It all seems to be a rude justification to discontinue their current commenting service and then charge for the same service. Of course they have the right to do so, but their commenting service was somehow limited, with even less features than other free blog commenting services.

These kind of practices betray in some way user's confidence. They decided to start at some point with a free blog commenting system (well, not completely free, let's remind that you accepted such service in exchange to including advertisements in your own blog comments window), and in the long term they have to face this closing situation. Let's see whether an important drop in their number of users teaches them a lesson.

If you are a user of haloscan.com and you want to keep your previous blog comments, we suggest you to backup such comments before the closing deadline.