Try out Spotify Premium for free, but remember to unsubscribe

Even when Spotify is still available in a limited set of countries, it is believed to be expanding soon. And the paid, Premium version of Spotify still allows online and offline music playback in any country you'd want.

Spotify is giving for free a 7 days trial of their Premium Account with no advertisements, with offline playlists even in your smartphone (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian) and even abroad.

Such a deal is very good, since you can try out the premium features at Spotify without having to subcribe and paying a full month in full. But you have to pay attention there if you don't want to keep being a Premium Spotify user (and paying for it:)

Such as Spotify advertises this: "No commitments, you can unsubscribe anytime you want", that's where you need to pay special attention:

Once you accept the offer, Spotify will request your credit card data, to make a minimum charge of 0.01 &eur; to authorize your account, just ass a way to check and validate your card. That's quite similar to the way used by PayPal to validate a new credit card.

angry Spotify user

The "catch" is there: in case that you don't want to keep being a Premium user of Spotify, you need to unsubscribe before the free trial reaches its end. On the contrary, once 7 days have passed, Spotify will automatically renew your monthly Premium subscription with the credit card details previously given, so it would be a paid Premium version fron now on.

From, we recommend the Spotify Premium Accounts, for being a good service with a reasonable price.

But we are also warning those who don't want to hire a paid music service by mistake.

happy Spotify user

From an original blog post by Dremin.