How to take a screenshot in Android Samsung Galaxy S smartphone

Saving a screenshot in the Samsung Galaxy S Android-based smartphone is very easy: it's just a simple combination of keys.

You need to keep pressed the tactile key Back and, without releasing this key, we press the central Home button (the one that returns to your main screen) and then we would release the "Home" button (without releasing the Back key.)

The best way this screenshot trick works is just keeping pressed "Back" during a second and then pressing "Home". If we do this fast it might not work. And if we wait too long, maybe the screenshot would be taken too late, because the "Back" key might act, going to the previous level in the current app or page.

Essentially, this trick is all about pressing and releasing "Home" while "Back" is still pressed.

If our screenshot was successful, we would hear a sound similar of a photographic camera shutter, and in the bottom of our screen a message would be displayed: "Screenshot taken. Saving as image file", and the image would be stored in the "ScreenCapture" folder of the Samsung Galaxy S device.

In spite of the outdated information spread all over Internet about this feature, with statements about the impossibility of saving a screenshot in the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, suggesting other complex operations, connecting the device to the computer, etc., truth is that these specific Android-based phones, since the Android firmware version 2.2, are able to save screenshots in this simple way.


Carl said...

Brilliant tips. Thanks a lot. I knew there was a way, since I'd accidentally pressed this key combo a couple of times (had some screenshots in a folder on my SD card), but I just hadn't figured it out.

Musaab said...

Thankyou for this information. You are really good teacher you explaned it very well. And it worked.

Tommy Wiita said...

Still doesnt work for me..

Unknown said...

Should it work for 2.3.6 firmware?

Kaitlin said...

When I do it, it does not work. It goes tks the Task Manager, or goes to the option for Power and Airplane mode. oooor it just locks the phone. why won't it work for me? :-(

Unknown said...

I think you're supposed to press the "Back" button, thats to the right of the home button. I had the same problem, but after I read this tip, it worked! so read the tip again :)